Join Us in Empowering Our Community Through Knowledge!

We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and the strength that comes from a connected community. To enhance our collective skills and foster a culture of learning, we are excited to launch a skill and innovation Program.

🚀 Why Volunteer with Us?
We are seeking passionate individuals like you, who possess expertise in [Skill], to join us as volunteer instructors. Your knowledge could make a significant impact of Barutem community members. By dedicating just, a small amount of your time, you have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and well-being of those around you.

💡 How Can You Help?
If you are proficient in particular skill and are enthusiastic about sharing your expertise, please consider filling out our online form. This form will help us understand your availability, preferred skill, and any specific topics you’d like to cover. Your commitment could involve a one-time workshop, a series of classes, or ongoing mentorship – whatever aligns best with your schedule.

📋 Fill Out the Form Today!
Your generosity will not only empower individuals but also create a stronger, more resilient community. Together, we can build a network of learners and educators, fostering an environment of continuous growth and support.

This form you are about to submit is intended solely for individuals who possess specific skills and are genuinely committed to sharing these skills with our communities.
Therefore, we kindly request that only those who possess relevant skills and are passionate about imparting knowledge and expertise proceed with the submission of this form.