Unveiling Barutem Communities (barutem.com)

Connecting Barutem communities through digital portal

History of Barutem Communities (barutem.com)
Barutem.com emerges as a digital haven for the Baruten communities, tracing its roots back to the collective vision of fostering stronger connections among residents. Developed with a commitment to enhancing community engagement, the website was conceptualized to serve as a comprehensive platform for residents to connect, share information, and stay informed about local developments.
What it offers
Barutem Communities (Barutem.com) is not just a website; it’s a vibrant digital ecosystem offering a myriad of features designed to empower the community. From local news updates and event listings to interactive forums and a business directory, the platform acts as a central hub for all things Baruten. Residents can seamlessly connect with neighbors, access essential information, and contribute to the community’s growth through collaborative initiatives.
Its Launching
The grand launch of Barutem Communities (barutem.com) took place on 4th February 2024, marking a momentous occasion for the Barutem communities. The launch event which took place in Zoom was attended by PA to the Hon Minister of Youth Development, Community Development advocates such as Hon. Musa Idris Buko, Zakariya Kilishi ( Chief Finance Officer, Well life Hospital Abuja) and the development team behind the website led by Mohammad Ishau. The website’s unveiling was celebrated with enthusiasm, symbolizing a new era of digital connectivity for Barutem.
The people behind it and their short profile
Lead Developer – Mohammad Ishau

A seasoned web developer with expertise in creating user-centric platforms, M. Ishau played a crucial role in translating the vision of Barutem.com into a reality. His technical proficiency and dedication to creating an intuitive user experience is evident in the website’s design and functionality.
He spearheads the implementation of innovative solutions and ensures the website’s technical architecture aligns with the project’s objectives.
His dedication to excellence and his proactive approach to problem-solving and deep love for community development make him instrumental in the success of Barutem.com as a vibrant online community platform.
Ishau Mohammed is a native of ILESHA-BARUBA, Baruten L.G.A., Kwara State

Coordinator-Yusuf Sabi

Coordinator – Yusuf Sabi A visionary leader with a background in community development,  spearheaded the initiative to create Barutem.com. His passion for fostering a sense of belonging within the community served as the driving force behind the project.
His genuine passion for community building infuses every aspect of his work, inspiring others to contribute wholeheartedly to the project.
Yusuf Sabi is a native of GURE, Baruten L.G.A., Kwara State

Community Liaison/Secretary-Mohammed Salihu DanSadiya

Mohammed S. DanSadiya: is the bridge between the development team and the community. Salihu ensured that the website addressed the unique needs and preferences of Baruten residents. His deep understanding of community dynamics contributed to the platform’s inclusivity. Moreover, Dan Sadiya collaborates closely with the development team to integrate community-driven features and initiatives into Barutem.com, enriching the platform’s user experience and relevance. Mohammed S. Dan-Sadiya  is a native of ILESHA-BARUBA, Baruten L.G.A., Kwara State.

Moderator/Publicity Secretary –Umar Gunu Abass

As a moderator within the development team of Barutem.com, Abass Gunu ensures smooth communication and collaboration among team members. His adeptness in fostering a positive and inclusive environment fosters creativity and productivity. Abass Gunu also effectively mediates any conflicts that arise, maintaining focus on the website’s goals and enhancing community engagement. His dedication and expertise contribute significantly to the success of Barutem.com as a vibrant community-based platform.

Other Useful Information

Barutem Communities (Barutem.com) encourages local businesses to thrive through its Community marketplace, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their services to the community. Additionally, the website have a dedicated Career page where members can access career development, upskill and networking events to further their professional growth, and a Community Scholarship Page .

How to Install the WebApp of Barutem Communities (barutem.com)

Follow these steps to Install the Web App
A. Go to Play Store or Apple Store based on your device ( android or iOS)
B. Search for *chrome* browser and install it
C. Open the *chrome* browser and type in barutem.com and wait for the website to load(open).
D. A Pop up will appear after the website is loaded
E. Tap on the three dots(…) at the top right corner of your screen within the browser
F. Select *Install App* and wait for the app to install.
G. After successful installation the app will be added automatically to your home screen just like other apps you have.
H. Now you can always launch the app to browse through the community platform.

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